Wiccans celebrate 8 holidays, called sabbats.
The sabbats are spaced at approximately equal intervals throughout the year.

In order, those 8 sabbats are as follows, going by their original names:
1. febuary eve, 2. the spring equinox, 3. may eve, 4. the summer solstice,
5. august eve, 6. the autumn equinox, 7. november eve, 8. the winter solstice.

Some time in the 1950s, Gerald Gardner renamed febuary eve to Candlemass,
renamed august eve to Lammas, and renamed november eve to Halloween.

Other, later wiccans have made additional alterations to the sabbat names.
Five of the sabbats often have their names changed to those of the neo-druidic holidays
that the wiccan sabbats were based upon.
Those five druidic names are Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasad, Samhain, and Yule.

List of sabbatsEdit

The following dates are for the northern hemisphere. Add or subtract six months for the seasons in the southern hemisphere.


date: October 31st


date: December 21st


date: February 2nd


date: March 21st


date: April 30th/May 1st


date: June 21st


date: July 31st


date: September 21st

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