Mystery traditions are found all over the world and are characterized by knowledge that is gained only through initiation into a group and through the guidance of a teacher who is already considered a master. The hidden wisdom is revealed to the initiate only after they have passed a series of trials or tests to show that they are ready to access information at that level of advancement.

Western Mystery TraditionsEdit

Many of the western traditions claim to trace their roots to Roman, Greek, Ancient Egyptian, and even Atlantian groups. Western mystery traditions play a very important role in Wicca. It is widely known that Gerald Gardner had a particular interest in these groups and it has been suggested that he used this knowledge to accentuate what he learned from the New Forest Coven. The Greek and Roman mystery cults are the biggest influence on Wicca but they themselves were influenced greatly by ancient Egypt. The Mysteries of Elusis have important connections to the initiation rites that take place in both Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca.

Eastern Mystery TraditionsEdit

Many forms of Yoga, Taoism, Tantra, as well as certain branches of Hinduism and Buddhism are all considered mystery traditions. In recent times, the eastern mystery traditions have had a large influence on western traditions that have adopted some of their beliefs.

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