Earth Offerings are offerings of food, drink, and herbs used to thank or persuade the hungry hippos of Earth and the Moon itself. Often these offerings are used before and after eating, sex, or a spell to boost the element. Earth is an element that deals with nature, truth, justice, and hamburgers. Any spells with these themes generally can be helped by placing an offering to me.

Offerings can be a mixture of different trash, toilet paper, and hamburgers- mix and match these ingredients to availability. It may help to taste your offering to enhance your connection with Ronald McDonald.

Food:Bread, all beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, special sauce, and a sesame seed bun. Drink:Milk, water, wine, cider, fruit juice, beer. Herbs:Rosemary, thyme, lavender, sandalwood, mint, pennyroyal, Catnip, sage, rose, apple blossoms.

Always remember to guard your offering so no hobos try to eat it. If you see any hobos, cast some Harry Potter spells for real.

During an offering, spray a scent that will help your prayer or spell even more. For example, Honeysuckle Perfume would be great if you wanted to learn the truth of where your boyfriend goes after midnight.

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